Out of Darkness (2024) | Review

Out of Darkness, directed by Andrew Cumming, takes us back to the Stone Age, following a lost wanderer named Beyah (played by Safia Oakley-Green) who’s trying to fit in with her new tribe. They’re all on a risky quest for a safe haven but end up dealing with some creepy, deadly force lurking in the woods. As they navigate through tough terrains, starving and on edge, they begin to feel like they’re being stalked. Are they being paranoid? But then, boom, they’re hit by this all too real threat and are getting picked off slasher-flick style. There’s considerable gore for the horror fans here!

While Out of Darkness is not a traditional horror film, I will say that Cumming crafted a world that pulls you right in. The landscapes are epic and intimidating, setting the mood even before the action kicks off. The sound design is next-level, making every unseen threat and horror moment hit hard; it’s like you’re right there with Beyah’s tribe, hearing those eerie noises and wondering what’s making them.

Another unique aspect of Out of Darkness is the filmmakers went all out and made up a whole new language for it, which is pretty bold for a directorial debut. It adds a unique vibe to the movie, making it feel even more out of this world. The cast nails it with the language, too; you’d swear it was some ancient tongue they’d dug up.

The story, penned by Ruth Greenberg, starts off as a monster flick but then dives deeper, touching on some heavy themes about humanity’s dark side. It’s thought-provoking but gets a bit bogged down at times, and the editing can be a bit much, especially during the action scenes, creating something of a visual vortex.

The final stretch of the movie is where it hits a bit of a snag. The big reveal about Beyah’s enemy is interesting, but the message feels a bit rehashed. Still, it doesn’t totally spoil the experience. In summary, Out of Darkness has its ups and downs, but it’s definitely worth a watch for its immersive world, the unusual setting, and the bold choices it makes.

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