January 2024 Horror Preview

Happy New Year! Our resolution? Watch more horror movies.

While January and February are known as perhaps the worst months to release a movie – January does mark the 28th anniversary of FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, the 34th anniversary of TREMORS, and the 21st anniversary of maybe the greatest horror sequel ever made, FINAL DESTINATION 2.

Who’s to say this month won’t give us another classic?

Onto the preview!

January 5th

Night Swim: Perhaps the highest-profile release this month is the latest Blumhouse effort starring the likes of Kerry Condon (THE BANSHEES OF INISHERIN, THREE BILLBOARDS OVER EBBING, MISSOURI) and Wyatt Russell (OVERLORD, INGRID GOES WEST).

The film tells the story of a yuppie couple and their children moving into an idyllic neighborhood dream house only to discover the swimming pool might just be haunted.

While it doesn’t exactly look like the kind of film to reinvent the wheel, Night Swim looks like a fun, if not familiar, genre romp.

January 18th

The Unsettling:

Harry Owens’ feature-length debut is about a Ghanian immigrant couple moving into a spacious Los Angeles apartment and dealing with the fallout of their recently deceased daughter while the looming threat of an African trickster god hangs over their grief.

This kind of A24-style “elevated” trauma horror has never been my jam but there has to be a market for them or they wouldn’t get made, right?

Initial reactions have been mixed but you can judge for yourself when the film unsettles its way onto VOD later this month.

January 26th

The Seeding:

Wasn’t Spike Lee’s OLDBOY bad enough?

Last but not least, Hiroshi Teshigahara’s avant-garde Japanese new wave film THE WOMAN IN THE DUNES gets an Americanized remake with THE SEEDING – an arthouse indie drama/horror about a lost hiker seeking refuge with a woman living alone in the desert.

I’m admittedly biased myself as I’m against the concept of American remakes of foreign films, but judging by the reviews thus far, maybe this one will prove me wrong.

Reader Submitted Films – Release Dates and Trailers

January 5 – Roadkill

January 9 – HELLHOUNDS

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